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All About Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested and goes to jail, something that you can use to get them out of jail while they wait for their trial would be bail bonds. This financial duty will help make sure that the person will appear in court. The person who is accused will sign something ensuring that he or she will get out of jail and go to court later on. A legal paper that is being bought from a licensed agent will take place of actual money and is given to the court. After the court obtains the legal papers, they would let the accused go free to await their case in court.

Associated fees are usually obtained together with this bail. Due to the different state laws, there could also be various costs involved. Depending on the set amount made by the court in order to release the person being accused, the fees would usually be between 8% to 15% or more of that amount. Fees being charged by licensed agents are usually regulated by the state. The fees should not be inadequate, excessive, or unfairly discriminatory. There are a few states that won’t have a set allowable premium chargeable. Private agents are not available in all states.

When there is no cash involved, collateral can be used in order to give a licensing agent. Various private offices will have different collaterals that they deem acceptable. Some offices will have their own standards on which collateral can be accepted. Normally, collateral will involve real estate, cars, jewelry, stocks, and bank accounts. Credit cards and personal credit are also some other collateral that can be accepted.
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You might lose your collateral if you miss a court appearance. In order to fix the situation, there are different options per state. The licensed agent will be informed when a person would miss a court appearance and the legal paper would be on a default. Bench warrants are usually issued for the person’s arrest. There is usually a grace period for people so that they can submit themselves and the default would be removed.
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Paying a premium for bail bonds means that you wouldn’t get the money back. The fee would belong the agent since it is what got the person out of jail. The premium is not refundable. The agents get the fees once they do their services. They would manage the accused people and ensure that court appearances would be honored.

You can have an in depth knowledge of bail bonds and you would also know the risks involved. It is helpful to know the processes when it comes to bail bonds and releasing someone from jail.