Five Shoulder Injury Facts You Ought to Know

Some people assume that shoulder problems are limited to older adults and athletes. Surprisingly, shoulders are among the most injured body parts. Between the ages of 18 and 88, most people experience a shoulder issue.


The shoulder has a unique yet complex anatomy, in that it is the joint with the highest range of motion yet the least stable. Therefore, it is prone to aging, strain and repetitive injuries. The shoulder is the only joint that lays on a moveable platform which is the shoulder blade. There are many other interesting facts regarding shoulder and shoulder injuries that you ought to know.


  1. Shoulder injuries are treatable as long as they are addressed early

The cornerstone of effective treatment of shoulder injuries is a prompt and correct diagnosis. Often, such injuries are resolvable without the need for surgery. The main aim for handling such injuries is by managing inflammation, improving the range of motion, strengthening muscles and alleviating pain. The earlier the condition is known, the better therapies such as physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medications can work. You can look for a therapist in Washington for effective treatment.


The problem is that most people suffering from shoulder pain avoid seeking prompt medical attention. Remember that ignoring the problem will not make it go away. In fact, the injury is likely to worsen thus making it difficult to be corrected. If it becomes severe, nonsurgical treatments might not work.

  1. Disturbed sleep can aggravate shoulder pain


Although people are reluctant to seek medical attention due to shoulder pain, sleep disturbances are usually what drives them to get assistance. Positioning yourself for sleep might be challenging with shoulder pain since most positions cause severe discomfort. Further study has also proven that disturbed sleep can intensify shoulder pain. When it gets worse, patients get cranky because of lack of enough sleep.

  1. Shoulder joint replacement is efficient and safe

Total shoulder replacement is an ideal option for people suffering from shoulder conditions. It restores function and relieves pain. The result is equal to, if not better than knee and hip replacement. The key to a good surgical outcome relies on the experience and skill levels of the orthopedic surgeon. Therefore, always ensure that you get specialized care for it affects how well your shoulder’s function is restored.

  1. Exercise may hurt or help your shoulders


Staying flexible and active are ideal ways of keeping your shoulders in check. However, it is important to work out moderately as bad exercise techniques will do more harm than good. Avoid exercising with your arms straightened out, away for your bodies especially if you have a vulnerable shoulder. Consider using resistance bands instead of weights to keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees.

  1. Age is not a limit for shoulder joint replacement surgery


Regardless of how old you are, if you have chronic shoulder pain, you can benefit from a total replacement surgery. As long as your health condition can allow for operation, there is no need for continuing to live with pain. It is never too late or too early to seek treatment.

There is so much to know regarding shoulder joints and how to care for them. The important thing is that you always seek medical attention immediately after you hurt your shoulder. In the instance that the surgeon recommends shoulder joint replacement surgery, go for it since it is safe and the results are durable.