How 360 Healthcare Staffing Helps You

In Florida, health care professionals seeking a new job position receive more options through staffing agencies. The agencies provide them with access to a variety of hospitals, private practices, and medical facilities. They also have access to highly-coveted programs that aren’t available without a connection to the right agency. A local staffing agency helps health care professionals find their next dream job today.

Securing Contracts with Hospitals and Facilities

The staffing agencies secure contracts with hospitals and facilities. A contract enables the agency to present all job vacancies available at the facility to their workers. The contract prevents the hospital or facility from hiring outside of the agency’s pool of professionals. This limits their options for staffing to individuals who submit an application through a staffing agency.

Reviewing Job Requirements

The employer must provide details about the position. This includes a complete list of all job duties and the exact credentials required by the employer. Any preferences such as degree programs, specific program courses, or skills are included. The description defines the department in which the candidate would work. It also defines the proper protocol for all medical professionals working in this department.

Verifying Medical Licenses and Certifications

The staffing agency reviews and verifies the medical professional’s license and certification. They must determine if the candidate needs to renew their license or certifications. According to law, specific licenses and certifications must be renewed after two years. This requires them to take an exam in some instances. The staffing agency must ensure that all candidates fulfill these requirements before they are considered for an open position.

Preparing for the Interview

The recruiter helps the candidate prepare for the interview process. They understand the most common questions that are asked by medical administrators. This helps them prepare the candidate and assist them in acquiring the job.

In Florida, medical professionals seek assistance through staffing agencies. The staffing agencies help them find a position that is the next step in their career. They also gain entry-level positions after graduation from medical school. Health care professionals that need to apply for a new position contact 360 Healthcare Staffing today.