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Many people especially stay at home women have a lot of time which they can use wisely to earn some income and advance their lifestyle. To earn such people do not necessarily need to get out of their house. Many work opportunities are available online for people who have Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or tablet.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is one of the organizations that offer opportunities for people to earn income while at their home. The business involves pyramid selling of a number of products through online channel. Other than selling the products the people are also expected to recruited new sales person and so as to earn some commission from the recruits.

For a person to be recruited as a sales person they have to purchase one of the packages and then purchase a license. The least membership fee for the basic membership is two thousand dollars excluding a membership fee of one hundred and ninety five dollars. There are five categories of products that are offered by this company ranging from the basic membership to the VIP package.

The products of the company are primarily ebooks and articles covering different topics such as getting self-esteem and starting an online enterprise. Sales persons are also given promotional materials which are meant to provide tips on recruiting people.

The commission seem to be very attractive for a quick fix on financial issues. However many people still remain skeptical about joining 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. Can 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle be trusted?

There are various challenges that can potentially impend a person from earning incomes from this corporation. One of the disadvantages is that the packages to be sold can be found via the internet. People are also unlikely to buy the materials because they are very expensive.

The specific steps that a person can use in establishing an online market niche is not provided by the coach in any of the YouTube videos. Making an online sale is very difficult more so for new recruits without expert knowledge. Even after working hard to make the first online sale it is the recruiter that receive the commission.

Many people who have given their comments about this company have addressed this disadvantage common in network marketing. Although the company markets itself as being able to solve financial challenges to people who stay at home doing so may not be easy. People who wish to earn income from internet should work with well-branded corporations.

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