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Some Of The Best Beach Getaways

The beach is a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle in the city. You can bask away, with your feet beneath the sand as the wind pats away. Everyone prefers their own thing when it comes to getaways, we have the partygoers who go to the beach during the day and have a nightlife in the evening and those who prefer beach life and enjoying the scenery throughout the day and night. There is a beach getaway that suits everyone and here are some.

If you are looking for a hidden getaway then Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the place for you. It almost feels like you stepped into another world. It offers a variety of restaurants you can cozy in after the day at the beach as you feast your eyes on the beautifully Southern-styled shops aligned on the streets. There are beautiful resorts such as the Waters Edge Resorts in the Garden City which boast beautiful sandy beaches.

Guadalupe and Martinique are part of other islands in the Caribbean. They are French territory, so they are ethnic in their culture.

Guadalupe is underdeveloped giving the island a dark yet enchanting feel to it. It has rugged landscape, and it’s less developed. The island has green coloring to it and has mountains creeping out of it creating a lovely shade to the beaches surrounding it.

Martinique hosts a lot of tourists. It has a museum as well as a day market in St.Pierre. The fact that Norwegian air flies to this island makes it accessible and popular, furthermore, the flying rates are cheap thus many people choose it as their destination.

Whatever the island they both provide the Oceanside view and expose the tourists to the French culture. All this advantages without really going to Europe make it a worthy getaway.

The Philippine has over 7,000 islands, with this many everyone has an island. Some of the popular ones include Palawan, Aklan, Palaui and Cebu.

The Palawan islands have a lot of experiences. There are various exploration areas to be involved in.

Aklan has a city Boracay which is one of the most visited areas by tourists. It has more than four kilometers of white sandy beaches . At night the sand twinkles away as it captures the soft lights from the restaurant and bars.

If you are looking to get away from modern times then Palaui is the best place for you , it has zero hotels and resorts. You can thus camp on the beach or coachsurf with a local.

Cebu offers a getaway where you can relax without sacrificing modern luxuries. You can go on guided excursions and explore the islands and deep ocean.

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