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Hire Professionals for Post Construction Commercial Cleaning

After constructing a new building or an addition to a building, there is a great amount of dust, debris, and material scarps left behind. The mess left when the construction is done is no longer the responsibility of the construction crew so the property owner need to look for a professional cleaning company to remove all the dust and debris and to make the property clean again.

You will find out soon enough, if you attempt to do the construction site cleaning yourself, that you are faced with a tedious and tiresome task. Without the proper supplies and resources, the job of clean up can also be quite dangerous. A professional cleaning company takes all proper hygienic precautions as they are trained and have the proper tools and equipment. The basics of post construction cleaning services are given below.

Throwing away the trash and scrap materials is the first thing they do before the small cleaning details can be done. Hazardous materials, trash, and all other forms of debris left over from construction are safely disposed of by the construction site cleaning crew. Materials that can be recycled are brought to the recycling plant while the rest are disposed of properly and safely. This includes leftover wood, scrap metal, nails, soda cans, plastic, paper, organic materials, and all other types of dirt and debris.
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There is a lot of leftover dust after the work is completed and this is the most obnoxious part of it. Plenty of dust layers will cover every surface, and even enter registers, vents, and ductwork. During sanding, sawing, and demolishing, dust is produced, and more, and hazardous particles such as wood, dirt, and metal fragments can also be contained in it.
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In order to eliminate dust properly, there is a need to use certain supplies, tools, and procedures. Professional use a special method of removing dust and they don’t simply wipe it away. A professional cleaning company has the training, tools, and equipment to locate all areas of dust accumulation, including vents, registers, and duct work and entirely eliminates it.

When all the trash and dust is removed, every square-inch of surfaces, nooks, and crannies, including the indoor air environment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. To complete this part of post construction site cleanup processes, specialized products and equipment are used.

After doing all the procedures involved in cleaning and sanitizing the surroundings, a good commercial cleaning company will do a test they call the white glove inspection on the place. To make sure that the whole place is entirely clean what the crew will do is to wear their white gloves and go around the property, wiping their clean gloved fingers on every surface and changing if everything is clean.