What Patients Need To Know About Dental Implants

In Florida, dental patients may develop conditions such as periodontal disease that can lead to serious tooth loss. For this reason, they must explore opportunities to replace their missing teeth. For most patients, they want a permanent solution that won’t present any hindrances. The following is what patients need to know about dental implants.

What is Achievable with Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss. They are installed into the jawbone permanently and don’t present the same hindrances as dentures. They provide singular and multiple options for replacing teeth. They can be installed to replace one single tooth or as a plate that utilizes multiple roots to replace entire sections of the teeth.

What are the Steps for Installing Dental Implants?

The dental professional installs the titanium root or roots first. These roots are installed through the tooth socket and connected directly into the jawbone. The dentist provides a partial that is placed over these installations until the hums heal. Next, the implant tooth or teeth are connected to these titanium roots with an abutment. This secures them properly into the mouth and restores the smile completely.

Are There Ever Additional Steps Required for These Procedures?

If the jawbone has been compromised due to adverse conditions or after teeth were extracted, additional procedures are required. The dentist must perform a bone graft to increase the strength of the jawbone. Multiple bone grafts are performed to increase the integrity of the jawbone before the dental implant installation.

What are the After-Care Requirements?

The patient can use standard toothpaste and oral care products with these installations. They may experience some discomfort after the procedure. Minor bleeding is also possible. If the patient develops an infection, they must contact their dental professional immediately. They will provide antibiotics for these infections and pain medication when necessary.

In Florida, dental patients may acquire dental implants to replace missing teeth. These devices are a better solution since they are installed permanently. They restore the smile as well as the patient’s ability to communicate effectively. Patients who want to learn more about these devices can visit https://www.tiogadental.com/services/dental-implants/ for further information today.