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The Straight Facts About Finding an Apartment in Long Beach

Long Beach is one of Southern California’s underrated gems. Whether you’re artistically inclined or a suit-donning businessman, you’ll find something to enjoy. You can go for a brisk run on one of the many paths or trails, or relax at a pub downtown. And if you value multiculturalism, you’ll find yourself right at home. You can spend ages exploring the city’s assortment of different neighborhoods. Long Beach isn’t only for those looking for a lot of bustle, however. Compared to the city of Los Angeles, it almost feels like a small town at times.

How Expensive is Long Beach?

You may also wonder about the cost of renting. Unfortunately, rent in Southern California has been going up slightly faster than inflation. As rents go up, it can become harder to find a suitable apartment. Depending on your income, you might find that it is very easy to manage in Long Beach, or you could find that it is more expensive than you realized. Choosing the right area can go a long way here. In the end, you should know that compared to the monstrously high rents in neighboring cities, such as Los Angeles, the prices in Long Beach can feel like a steal.

What Are Some of the Best Neighborhoods?

An excellent area to consider is Naples, found on the islands in Alamitos Bay. Naples is known for having a low crime rate and strong high school graduation rates. Naples has a group of canals that give the neighborhood a taste of Europe. Take a trip to Marine Park if you’re in the mood for a picnic or just want to relax.

You also can’t forget the East Village, a fashionable area that also has high graduation rates. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re in one of the city’s safest regions. As well as being the prime destination in the city for arts and culture, it’s also hard to outdo the East Village when it comes to nightlife. Finally, this is a great area for shopping. There is a bias toward more artsy or cultural shops, so you’re likely to find items like antiques and designer clothes.

Finally, let’s consider Belmont Shore, which features a lifestyle very typical for SoCal. The well-trafficked 2nd Street is one of the main thoroughfares in this area. There are several blocks in Belmont Shore, and most of them have appealing shops, restaurants, and other attractions. The Shore has a respectable nightlife scene of its own, centered around 2nd Street. As the evening rolls on, the street becomes more and more animated. Gondola rides are also a common attraction in the area.

With a bit of research, you’re sure to find the right apartment for you in Long Beach.

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